Dolce Gabbana Kids Tel Aviv boutique offers the broad range of childrenswear, including clothing, shoes, and accessories for all ages. We love to assist our young clients through their first styling experiments and exited to announce a new private client service complementing the in-store shopping. 

Come to Kikar Hamedina for the most authentic client experience in the boutique, shop online and order a delivery by phone, or contact us to discover more – whatever you prefer, we are here.

At our core, we prioritize the well-being of children and understand the importance of family. Our boutique is dedicated to creating a family-oriented environment, recognizing that behind every young client is a circle of love and care.

When a baby arrives, friends and family turn to us for our newborn gift sets. Young parents come to us to select their infant's first outfits, often alongside their strollers. Grandparents visit us for holiday gift shopping, making our signature white bags part of their cherished family tradition. Another significant event is the bar or bat mitzvah, where choosing the outfit holds deep meaning beyond just fashion.

Every day, we have the privilege of assisting clients in celebrating these precious moments. When working with children, the concept of luxury takes on a new meaning, highlighting eternal values such as comfort, health, self-confidence, and family.

For newborns, luxury means using high-quality fabrics and materials that are gentle on sensitive skin.

As children grow older, comfort becomes essential not only during playtime but also in their personal style. Each season, our collection is carefully curated to offer a diverse and fulfilling fashion choice that satisfies both children and their parents. Even for teenagers who take fashion more seriously, shopping at our boutique is a fun experience thanks to the magic power of our brand, filled with prints, colors, and materials.